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How To Prevent The Redirection Of Lost Password To Lifter LMS’s Lost Password Page

If you want that the website user reset the password by using the option lost password within the login page instead of moving to the Lifter LMS, then you need to implement the following piece of code in your child theme’s function.php file.

* Function to prevent the redirection of lost password to Lifter LMS’s lost password page
* [ true = default lost password form ]
* [ false = lifterLMS lost password form ]
* @return bool
function lifter_change_lostpsw_url() {
return true;
add_filter('loginpress_llms_lostpassword_url', 'lifter_change_lostpsw_url' );

This is how you can easily prevent the redirection of lost password to lifter LMS’s lost password page by using the above code.