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LoginPress Features

LoginPress comes with a full set of design tools that easily lets you customize every detail of your WordPress login page to match your branding while providing crucial login security.

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Pre-designed login templates

Pre-Designed Login Templates

With a dozen unique templates to choose from, you can start customizing your WordPress login pages right away with minimal effort – and no coding skills!

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Google fonts

Customized Google Fonts

Further showcase your brand’s personality on your login pages with 700+ beautiful Google fonts that match any style.

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Your Logo on WordPress Login Screens

Replace the standard WordPress logo on the login page with your personalized logo to ensure brand identity, a key for your business success.

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Custom Login Backgrounds

Customize the background of your login page with a branded image or video to get a more personalized look and further stand out from the competition.

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Social login

Social Login

Make it as easy as possible for your users to login with this fully customizable feature that seamlessly integrates with your existing login/registration system.

Buttons beauty Animated
Buttons beauty

Beautiful Buttons

You can customize the color, width, shadow, padding, and almost anything else on the actual login form button.

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Login form

Diverse Login Forms Styles

LoginPress lets you easily design like a pro and customize the actual login form to change its background, color, width, shadow, padding, hover, and so much more.

Custom welcome animated
Custom welcome

Custom Welcome Messages

Customizing welcome messages has never been this easy! With LoginPress, you can easily tailor your welcome messages for every user based on their role or situation.

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Add Login Page Footer

By customizing the footer of your login page, you can visually integrate your login page design with the overall website to ensure brand identity and make it more intuitive for users.

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Custom CSS & JS

Custom CSS & JS

Have complete control over every component of your login forms and include only what you need instead of unnecessary or bloated code.

Import & Export Animated
Import & Export

Save, Import & Export Settings

LoginPress lets you save your custom-designed login screen layouts and import the settings, which can be easily used on different websites. This makes it easy to build your own design library with countless design possibilities!

Google reCAPTCHA Animated
Google reCAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA

Protect your website from spam while allowing real people to pass through with ease by easily enabling Google reCaptcha on the login, registration and forget forms screens.

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error messages

Customized Login Error Messages

Further create a memorable experience for your users with fully customized error messages that align with your brand’s style and tone, whether that’s serious or playful!

* Plugin updates and email support is provided for the duration of your current subscription.

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