11 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2023 [Tested+Compared]

Best WordPress Hosting

Do you want to know which hosting provider is best for your WordPress site? 

Look no further, as we've got you covered!

Hundreds of hosting providers are available in the market. You might need clarification about which one to choose for the best results.

Don't worry! We've brought the top 11 WordPress hosting providers to help you make the right choice..

Let's unveil which WordPress hosting provider is the right pick to help you set the stage for unparalleled performance, reliability, and success in the digital landscape.

Best WordPress Hosting: A Summary Table

Have a look at the comparison table to get a short summary of the best WordPress hosting providers featured below.

 It will help you make an informed decision!

Hosting Providers Pricing Traffic Ratings Support
SiteGround $3.99 / Month Unmetered 4.8/5 24/7
GoDaddy $3.99 / Month Unmetered 4.8/5 24/7
BlueHost $2.75 / Month Unmetered 4.7/5 24/7
Hostinger $1.99 / Month 100 GB 4.6/5 24/7
DreamHost $2.59 / Month Unlimited 4.4/5 24/7
WP Engine $20 / Month 25,000 Visits / Month 4.4/5 24/7
GreenGeeks $2.95 / Month Unmetered 3.9/5 24/7
IONOS $1 / Month Unmetered 3.9/5 24/7
FlyWheel $13 / Month 5000 Visits / Month 3.9/5 24/7
HostGator $3.75 / Month Unmetered 3.7/5 24/7
Nexecess $14.80 / Month Unlimited 3/5 24/7

Best WordPress Hosting Providers in 2023

1. SiteGround


  • Pricing: $3.99 / Month
  • Traffic: Unmetered
  • Ratings: 4.8/5 Star
  • Customer Support: 24/7 

We have SiteGround, which provides the best hosting for WordPress. It has a large fan base. In addition, it is officially recommended by WooCommerce and MonsterInsights.

It lets you easily create a fast and secure website with the help of:

  • Malware protection
  • A web application firewall (WAF)
  • Backups
  • SSL Manager
  • HTTPS Enforce
  • Protected URLs, 

and Blocked IPs in the Security category within the WordPress admin dashboard.

In addition, in its startup plan, you get:

  • SiteGround provides free WP Installation, Email Migrator, and WP Migrator.
  • It automatically manages WordPress updates.
  • The hosting provider cares a lot for your data and creates daily backups for its protection.
  • You can enjoy free CDN and Email features.

SiteGround has a dedicated support team that is efficient enough to resolve technical issues via live chat and other support options. 

2.  GoDaddy


  • Pricing: $3.99/Month
  • Traffic: Unmetered
  • Ratings: 4.8/5 Stars
  • Customer Support: 24/7 

GoDaddy is also among the best WordPress hosts. It is an easy-to-use site builder tool that helps you create a small business website or online store with:

  • Getting a domain name
  • A web hosting plan 
  • A website builder.

It offers free domain registration when creating a site for the first term. GoDaddy offers shared, virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated hosting services.

GoDaddy helps you with creating an outstanding online presence. It offers over 175 free templates that help you start from scratch. You can choose your images, text, and business logo. 

There are some limitations with GoDaddy like it doesn’t offer free site transfer, it has upsells, and comparatively high renewal rates. Overall, GoDaddy is a good choice for you.

3. Bluehost


  • Pricing: $2.75/Month
  • Traffic: Unmetered
  • Ratings: 4.7/5 Stars
  • Customer Support: 24/7 

Bluehost is another good hosting provider. It is a powerful solution for you to create your WordPress site easily.

The point worth noting is that you can avail the Bluehost for free for the first year. Cool right?

In addition, you can use this hosting provider to manage a personal blog or online store quickly and easily. It has so much for you, including:

  • 10 GB SSD Storage

  • Custom WP Themes
  • Free CDN
  • Keeping in view your online security, it provides Free SSL, daily website backup (1st Year), domain privacy, and malware scanning.

4. Hostinger

  • Pricing: $1.99 / Month
  • Traffic: 100 GB
  • Ratings: 4.6 / 5 Stars
  • Customer Support: 24/7 

Hostinger is one of the best hosting provider companies. It has a bundle of  exciting features that help you grow your online presence:

  • You can create 100 websites using an account.
  • It provides 100 GB SSD Storage for you.
  • It provides automatic weekly backups for you. 
  • It offers a free Email service that lets you create over 100 email addresses and forwarders without costing you any extra dime.
  • This hosting provider offers WP-CLI that enables you to update plugins, configure multisite installations, and much more without using a web browser.

Hostinger is the best solution for you to manage a WordPress site easily. You can easily migrate from any other hosting provider to Hostinger for free.

Hostinger knows the importance of security. That's why it offers all the essentials that help you create a more secure website, i.e., a malware scanner, web application firewall, and more.

Popular WordPress plugins, including OptinMonster and AIOSEO, recommend Hostinger.

5.  DreamHost


  • Pricing: 2.59/Month
  • Traffic:  Unlimited
  • Ratings: 4.4/5 Stars
  • Customer Support: 24/7

DreamHost is another best WordPress hosting providers. It offers a custom control panel that has a user-friendly interface. It makes it easy to manage your web hosting.

DreamHost helps increase the load time of your site. It helps you improve the conversion and search engine rankings of your site.

You can enjoy a lot more features with this hosting provider, like:

  • Free domain for the first year.
  • WordPress is pre-installed for you.
  • You can enjoy automated WordPress migrations for free.
  • It provides fast SSD Storage.
  • It offers SSL certificates for your site for free.

6. WP Engine

WP Engine

  • Pricing: $20 / Month
  • Traffic: 25,000 Visits / Month
  • Ratings: 4.4 / 5 Stars
  • Customer Support: 24 / 7

WP Engine is there to help you with the best-managed WordPress Hosting. It provides the best speed and security for your site. 

The host brings ease by providing customizable themes. You can make your site exactly match your imagination. Plus, you can easily create a staging site and create a backup of your site.

With WP Engine:

  • It focuses on increasing your site’s speed and performance.
  • It helps you rank high on the search results.
  • WP Engine cares about protecting your online presence. Therefore, it has smart threat-blocking and security features. 
  • You can enjoy automatic updates for your WordPress and PHP.

7. GreenGeeks


  • Pricing: $2.95/Month
  • Traffic: Unmetered
  • Ratings: 3.9/5 Stars
  • Customer Support: 24/7 

GreenGeeks is a perfect choice for you if you are planning to run a small website or blog that is just getting started.

GreenGeeks has so much for you, including:

  • GreenGeeks provides 50GB of web space.
  • You can enjoy many useful features for free, i.e., SSL certificate, domain name for 1st year, backups, unlimited databases, and CDN.
  • This provider helps you to go for nightly backups easily.
  • It provides built-in caching for your site.

If you are a growing website and looking for more speed and resources, the GreenGeeks Pro plan will be your best choice. It provides its services for free for the first year. In addition, it has:

  • You can get unlimited web space and unmetered transfer.
  • The package provides unlimited E-mail Accounts, a free SSL certificate, Free Nightly Backup, CDN, and more.
  • You can easily manage WordPress.


  • Pricing: $1/Month
  • Traffic: Unmetered
  • Ratings: 3.9/5 Stars
  • Customer Support: 24/7 

IONOS is the best managed WordPress Hosting provider. It helps you create the best user experience for your site.

As compared to other hosting providers, including Bluehost (Basic Web Hosting), GoDaddy (Economy Linux with cPanel), and Hostgator (Starter 1 site), it has far better load time.

IONOS has everything needed for managing a well-structured website, such as:

  • IONOS provides 10 GB of storage for your website's content.
  • You can get 2 GB of storage per MariaDB and MySQL database. 
  • If you select one-click installation, it automatically creates a MariaDB 10 database. 
  • It is optimized for up to 100 website visitors per minute.
  • It offers a daily backup feature.

IONOS provides a georedundant infrastructure where you can distribute your data infrastructures, like servers or devices, two different data centers for storing your data. It unlocks the possibility to let your site work perfectly even when your site is on maintenance.

9. FlyWheel


  • Pricing: $13/Month
  • Traffic: 5000/Month
  • Ratings: 3.9/5 Stars
  • Customer Support: 24 /7

FlyWheel also stands in the frontline among the best WordPress hosts. You can try initial 14-day demo sites with it. It offers a 60-day guarantee.

The hosting provider offers a clean dashboard for you. It has all the essentials that make your site fast and secure.

You can get its Tiny pricing plan, billed $ 150 annually if you run a small business. It offers basic features, such as:

  • 5000 monthly visits to your site.
  • You can get 5 GB Storage for your site.
  • It has 20 GB bandwidth for you.

Looking to migrate your site? No Problem! The Flywheel team is there to help you migrate each site element for free. Plus, it has a Migration Dashboard where you can submit, prioritize, and monitor the progress of your migrations in real-time.

10. HostGator


  • Pricing: $3.75/Month
  • Traffic: Unmetered
  • Ratings: 3.7/5 Stars
  • Customer Support: 24/7

HostGator is another best WordPress hosting providers. It has many hosting options, a free SSL certificate, a one-click WordPress installation, and a free domain for a year.

Its Hatchling plan offers:

  • 10 GB storage for your site.
  • Email Service
  • Chat support

…. and more.

Host Gator has everything that lets you convert your ideas into reality, including:

  • A website builder with templates
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage.

Other than this, you can enjoy $100 in AdWords credits. It's the best option for optimizing WordPress SEO.

11. Nexcess

  • Pricing: $17.50/Month
  • Traffic: Unlimited
  • Ratings: 3/5 Stars
  • Customer Support: 24/7 

Nexcess is a powerful fully managed WordPress hosting provider.

The basic shared plan for Nexcecs has all the valued features. You can get it to enjoy optimal performance of your site. These features are:

  • It lets you create a store in no time without writing a single line of code.
  • The Spark plan offers 15GB of storage. You can upgrade the limit by having any other package.
  • You can get SSL and Email features for free.
  • You can get premium plugins for free, including iThemes Security Pro, iThemes Sync, WPMerge, Image Compression & Lazy Loading, and more.

Nexcess offers so many hosting plans. You can use any other plan simply by purchasing a pricing plan that best suits you; the Executive plan offers 800 GB of storage for your site.

Best WordPress Hosting Selection (Top 5 Factors)

As you know, selecting the right hosting provider for your WordPress site impacts your site’s performance, security, and overall success. 

With so many options available, you might get confused about what to choose. To simplify this process, we've outlined the top five factors to consider when selecting your WordPress hosting provider.

  • Rating: It’s better to see the ratings to develop insights into the host's quality. On a 5-star rating scale, a 4-star rating is considered good. 

  • Traffic: Traffic is another important factor in selecting a hosting provider. A good hosting provider handles traffic between 10,000 and 100,000 pageviews per month.

  • Pricing: Select a host that provides more flexibility to manage a site with minimum investment. Ensure it has all the essentials a good host has, i.e., good ratings, security, and more. 

  • Security: WordPress websites often fall victim to cybercriminals. Security is a must to protect your online presence. Opt for a host with strong security measures, including malware scans, firewalls, and automatic backups. 

  • Performance and Speed: Your website's loading speed affects user experience and search engine rankings. So, look for a host that provides SSD storage, a Content Delivery Network (CDN), and more.

  • Support: It’s better to see if the dedicated support team provides responsive customer support. Select a host that offers 24/7 customer support. 

When considering ratings, traffic, pricing, security, performance speed, and support, SiteGround stands out as the best WordPress hosting option. 

SiteGround will empower your website to provide a top-notch experience for your site visitors.

Best WordPress Hosting FAQs

What type of hosting is best for WordPress?

It is better to look for a sub-category of web hosting for WordPress. It should offer servers and resources that are designed for WordPress sites. 

What should be provided in a WordPress-managed hosting?

A managed WordPress hosting manages all technical aspects of a WordPress site, including security, website uptime and speed, updates, backups, and scalability.

What kind of hosting do I need for WordPress?

WordPress has two main types, including WordPress.org and WordPress.com. It often confuses people to know if they need web hosting for a WordPress site. Remember, WordPress.org needs web hosting, i.e., WordPress hosting plans; however, WordPress.com is a self-hosted solution where you don't require extra hosting.

Can I create multiple sites on WordPress?

Yes! A multisite WordPress installation enables you to create as many subsites as possible. The only limit is the resources your hosting plan can comfortably support.


In conclusion, you have hundreds of options when choosing the best WordPress hosting option in 2023. We've carefully examined and filtered 11 top hosting providers, considering factors such as Pricing, Traffic, Ratings, and Support.

Remember, the ideal WordPress host depends on your specific needs. So, evaluate your requirements, budget, and technical expertise before deciding.

Here are some final recommendations:

  • If you are looking for free SSL, CDN, Email, daily backups, and caching, go with the SiteGround.
  • For a cheap, managed WordPress host, opt for IONOS.
  • Choose GoDaddy if you want a free domain and SSL, SSD, free CDN, and free migrations for a managed WordPress site.
  • For excellent performance, ease of use, and a bundle of useful features, including a free domain, go for Hostinger.
  • For more easy-to-use features, go with WP Engine.

Now you know which hosting provider is best for you. It's time to get started with a WordPress site. See our complete guide and learn how to build a WordPress site and improve its security:

That’s all for this guide! 

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