7 Best WordPress Limit Login Attempts Plugins in 2023

WordPress Limit Login Attempts

Are you looking for the best WordPress Limit Login Attempts plugins for your WordPress site?

WordPress websites are vulnerable to security attacks where hackers use targeted hacks and automated brute-force attacks to break into the backend of your WordPress website. Since WordPress doesn't limit login attempts by default, unprotected sites often fall victim to such attacks. 

This article will show you the list of the best WordPress Limit Login Attempts plugins for your WordPress site. 

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Why Should You Use Limit Login Attempts in WordPress?

By default, WordPress has no limit to the user’s login attempts. A user can keep on trying in case he forgets the password. The user is not the only one who gets an advantage for this, but the hackers are always keeping an eye on the loophole of a WordPress site to access the backend.

Once they discover no limit on the login attempts, they start using automated scripts to carry out the attacks in almost all events. These programs can try out thousands of usernames and passwords within a minute. Time is close when they can guess the correct login credentials, i.e., Passwords. 

Keeping in view the whole scenario, you must limit login attempts to protect your site against such brute-force attacks to your sites. 

List of the Best WordPress Limit Login Attempts Plugins

1. LoginPress Limit Login Attempts Add-on

LoginPress is a feature-packed plugin for your WordPress sites. It comes up with a set of several Add-Ons that helps you extend the functionality of your WordPress login page, i.e., appearance and security.

Limit Login Attempts Add-on is a shield against these hacking attacks and allows you to set the time between each login attempt. It helps you limit users' attempts to log into your WordPress website. 

It lets you keep track of login attempts made by each user who tries to gain access to your site. It enables you to limit the number of login attempts for each user on your site.


  • Limit Login Attempts Add-on restricts the number of attempts when the user tries, again and again, to log in to your site.
  • It lets you adjust Minutes Lockout, i.e., 20 minutes.
  • You can easily customize the Attempts Allowed limit.
  • The Attempts Details tab gives you a deep insight into your WordPress site's login attempts, including IP, date & time, username, password, and gateway. 
  • It has Blacklist and Whitelist IPs feature. 
  • You can easily Unblock any user of your choice.


LoginPress is a Freemium WordPress plugin. You can upgrade to the premium version at $99 per year. LoginPress Pro has all the essentials that help you customize your WordPress login page and add security with the help of its powerful Add-Ons, including Limit Login Attempts, Hide Login, and more.

2. Jetpack


Jetpack is another popular WordPress plugin that helps you manage security and performance for your WordPress site. It guards against different security risks like brute force attacks and enables you to optimize your WordPress site's performance.

The full suite of Jetpack website security tools has the limit login attempts feature to help you secure your WordPress website from brute force attacks, automated threats, and more. 

When it’s comapre to LoginPress, Jetpack


  • This plugin protects your website against spam and brute-force attacks.
  • It offers downtime monitoring.
  • You can take your site's security to the next level using two-factor authentication.
  • It furthers malware scanning.


It’s a freemium that offers intuitive, beginner-friendly security solutions that include real-time backups, malware scanning, and spam protection.

3. Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

The next plugin in our list is Limit Login Attempts Reloaded, which helps you to limit login attempts, with over 2 million active installations. However, the features are very limited compared to other plugins in our list.

It helps you protect your site against brute force attacks and optimizes your site performance. This plugin offers protection for XML-RPC gateway. Moreover, other than English, it has been translated into different languages nationwide, including Czech, Hungarian, Finnish, French, Norwegian, and more.


  • This plugin helps you limit the number of retry attempts when logging in.
  • It lets you customize lockout timings.
  • It has a feature that keeps on telling the users about the remaining retries/lockout time on the login page.
  • It sends email notifications of blocked attempts.


Freemium. You can upgrade to the premium version at $79.99 per year.

4. Loginizer

Next, we have the Loginizer WordPress plugin for limiting login attempts. This plugin enables you to protect your site from brute-force attacks. It blocks login for the IP after it reaches the allowed retries. 

Loginizer is trusted by over 1 million users across the globe. It allows you to block an IP automatically for 24 hours after multiple lockouts (you can also customize this default setting). The plugin is smart enough to notify the site owner of all suspicious activities via email.

Loginizer, LoginPress, and Limit Login Attempts Reloaded share common security goals. However, LoginPress is above these two plugins since it has more features. 


  • It uses reCAPTCHA and PasswordLess Login features.
  • It has Blacklist and Whitelist IPs feature. 
  • It offers custom error messages on failed login.
  • This plugin supports XML-RPC disability.



5. Login LockDown

Login LockDown is another helpful plugin with over 100,000 active installations. It helps you with limiting login attempts to your WordPress site. This plugin disables login requests from an IP address if it reaches the allotted number of attempts. 

By default, Login LockDown locks out an IP for an hour after 3 failed login attempts within 5 minutes. You can customize this default behavior. The admin has complete control over unblocking the locked-out IPs, at any time, from the panel.

LoginPress has a great variety of features compared to Login Lockdown, pre-designed templates, login redirection, limiting login attempts, and much more. These additional features make LoginPress a better choice than the other plugin.


  • It keeps a record of login attempts from IP addresses.
  • It automatically detects suspicious login attempts.
  • This plugin blocks login for a specific time.
  • It offers customized block options in the options panel.


Freemium. You can buy the premium version for $99.

6. WPS Limit Login

WPS Limit Login is a free extension by WPS Hide Login with over 60,000 active installations. It s designed to cater to the need to secure a WordPress site’s login page from being hacked by limiting the number of login attempts.

WPS Limit Login has different options like a whitelist, blacklist, and a log section. This plugin ensures that the user cannot make any further attempt, i.e., when exceeded, so that site becomes safe against brute force attacks, botnet, and malware. It is currently available in English and French languages.


  • It keeps informing the user about the remaining retries/lockout time on the login page.
  • It gives personal logging and optional email notification.
  • You can easily whitelist or blacklist an IP.
  • It has XMLRPC gateway protection and WooCommerce login page protection.



7. Limit Login Attempts

Limit Login Attempts By miniOrange is our last pick in this list. This plugin offers limited login attempts, spam protection, and DOS protection to help secure your WordPress site. This is the best to secure your site against security attacks. 

You can upgrade to the premium Limit Login Attempts version to uplift the plugin’s functionality. It has Google reCaptcha and Login & Spam protection that prevents attacks through the login page.

However,r the plugin has only 3,000 active installs, which consider a lack of features and functionalities. 


  • This plugin helps you to limit login attempts.
  • It offers spam protection via Google reCAPTCHA.
  • You can rename the WordPress default login URL.
  • It automatically detects suspicious email addresses right away. 


This plugin is available in both free and paid versions. You can upgrade to the premium version at $95 per year.

Final Thoughts 

WordPress sites often fall victim to brute-force attacks. But you don’t need to be worried about it as you can easily thwart such attacks. All you need to do is to make use of a perfect plugin on your WordPress site that limits login attempts.

Here we have shared the top picks for limiting login attempts for your WordPress website. All the above-listed plugins are best for limiting the number of login attempts on your WordPress site. Every plugin is unique. It’s better to test-drive and find out which best suits you. 

However, LoginPress Pro’s Limit Login Attempts Add-on is among the best options that provide you with the best solution for restricting the number of login attempts on your site.

It has the ability to restrict the number of login tries, coupled with its user-friendly configuration, customizable lockout messages, monitoring capabilities, and seamless integration. 

So, safeguard your website, secure your data, and enhance the user experience with this exceptional Add-on.

That’s all we have discussed the best WordPress Limit Login Attempts plugins! What’s your preferred one? Let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my WordPress website?
WordPress sites might be vulnerable to attacks, i.e., brute-force attacks. So it’s best to invest in some safety practices, i.e., limit login attempts, strong password protection, and using 2FA, to name a few examples, to avoid mishaps.
Can a Limit Login Attempts plugin prevent brute-force attacks on my WordPress site?
A Limit Login Attempts plugin can help prevent brute-force attacks on your WordPress site. Brute force attacks involve malicious actors repeatedly attempting to guess the correct username and password combination to gain unauthorized access to a website.
Can I customize the number of login attempts allowed with a Limit Login Attempts plugin?
You can easily customize the number of login attempts allowed with a Limit Login Attempts plugin. LoginPress Pro offers Limit Login Attempts that offer easy configuration. It lets you add the desired number of attempts allowed for login to your site without any side affect.
Are there any plugins offering additional security measures and limiting limit login attempts?
Yes, many WordPress plugins offer additional security measures along with limiting login attempts. Take LoginPress, for example. It lets you customize the appearance of your WordPress site and add session expiration time, hide login URLs, enable force login, add social login, and a lot more. 

Meanwhile, you can also check out LoginPress VS Colorlib Login Customizer: Which is Best?

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