How to Use LoginPress with adds a custom page that adds some custom scripts. The custom form asks the user to either log in with a conventional login by using their email/username and password or by using a account.

The page is not controlled or managed by LoginPress as it has a totally different structure than the default login page of WordPress. i.e: /wp-login.php

How to Setup LoginPress with WordPress

Though LoginPress can work with As it styles the custom form of but the problem occurs in the customizer of LoginPress. It makes the form inaccessible resulting in not showing the real-time customizations.

Since the sites on by default enable the option of  “Allow users to log in to this site using accounts”. It is used to bridge the settings made by for the custom login form which shows on the front end.

We recommend disabling this setting which will allow LoginPress to customize the login page.

You can find these settings on My Site > Settings > Security

WordPress Security Setting

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