11 Best Mailchimp Alternatives 2024

mailchimp alternatives

Do you want the best Mailchimp alternatives for small businesses? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page!

Mailchimp is a cloud-based marketing automation platform. There can be several reasons why a business or individual may consider alternatives to Mailchimp, including cost, features, user Interface, deliverability, and privacy concerns. 

Ultimately, considering alternatives to Mailchimp depends on individual needs, preferences, and priorities. It may be worth exploring several email marketing platforms to find the best fit.

This article will show you the best Mailchimp alternatives for your business.

Best Mailchimp Alternatives (Pricing)

Look at the best WordPress Mailchimp alternatives pricing comparison table for a quick summary.

Plugins Price Free Option
Zoho Campaigns $3/ month 🗸
Constant Contact $12/ month 🗸
HubSpot $224.72/ month  🗸
Brevo $25/ month 🗸
GetResponse $15.6/ month 🗸
Moosend $9/ month 🗸
ConvertKit $9/ month 🗸
Mailerlite $9/ month 🗸
AWeber $12.50/month 🗸
Klaviyo $45/ month 🗸
Drip $39/ month 🗸

What is Mailchimp?


Mailchimp is one of the top email marketing services on the market. With Mailchimp, you get handy features, including:

  • Monthly Email Sends,
  • Unlimited Users,
  • Unlimited Audience,
  • Customer Support,
  • Pre-Built Email Templates,

… and more. 

As you know, you’ve required a list of subscribers before creating email marketing campaigns with MailChimp. Understanding the importance, MailChimp offers a built-in form builder to get started easily.

Have a look:

build it tab

You can easily select from built-in Email templates. 

select a template

You can easily design your Email:

new arrival

Why Consider Mailchimp Alternatives?

For several reasons, someone might consider using an alternative to Mailchimp for their email marketing needs. Here are a few:

  • Pricing: While Mailchimp offers a free plan for users with a few subscribers, the cost can quickly add up as your list grows. Other email marketing services may offer more affordable or competitive pricing plans.

  • Limited Customization: Mailchimp offers many features, but other email marketing services may offer more targeted or advanced features depending on your needs. For example, some services may offer better automation options or more sophisticated reporting and analytics.

  • Mailchimp Interface: Some users find Mailchimp's interface cluttered or difficult to navigate. If you need help to use Mailchimp effectively, exploring other email marketing services with more user-friendly interfaces might be worth exploring.

  • Support Limitations: The plugin only offers Email and chatbot support that sometimes fails to answer user queries.  This leads to looking for an alternative to Mailchimp.

  • Deliverability: While Mailchimp has a strong reputation for email deliverability, it's not the only game in town. Other email marketing services may have different deliverability rates, which can impact the effectiveness of your campaigns.

What Are the Best Mailchimp Alternatives?

We have composed a list of the best Mailchimp alternatives for small businesses. It will help you find the best email marketing platforms to find the best fit for your small business.

1.  Zoho Campaigns

zoho campaigns plugin

Zoho Campaigns is the best Mailchimp alternative. It is an email marketing software developed by Zoho Corporation. It is a comprehensive email marketing solution that helps businesses to connect with their customers, build relationships, and drive revenue.

zoho campaigns

This software allows businesses to create and send customized email campaigns to their subscribers. The software provides a range of email templates and drag-and-drop editors to design attractive emails.

You can use it for your WooCommerce site. It helps WooCommerce sites to trigger emails based on subscriber behavior, such as abandoned carts or website visits. Moreover, you can get detailed analytics and reports to track the performance of email campaigns.


  • Integrations: Zoho Campaigns integrates with various third-party apps and services to streamline marketing efforts, including Zoho CRM, Google Analytics, and social media platforms.
  • Analytics: Zoho Campaigns provides detailed analytics and reports to track the performance of email campaigns. You can easily check click-through rates, bounce rates, and other metrics to optimize your campaigns.
  • Compound Campaigns: This software lets you test two campaign versions to determine the most effective.


You can get a 14-day Free trial. The premium version starts at $3/ month.

2. Constant Contact

constant contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing software developed by Endurance International Group. It is a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to create, send, and track email campaigns. 

It’s a user-friendly email marketing solution that helps businesses connect with their customers. The software is prevalent among small businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations that want to engage with their audience through email marketing.

The tool offers a drag-and-drop email editor that lets you create responsive emails. You can easily add blocks like buttons, images, polls, etc.

You can choose from more than 200 Email templates inside the tool template library.


The tool is the best option for the non-techies as it provides layouts that help create campaigns easily. 

newsletter campaign


  • Email Templates: Constant Contact offers hundreds of email templates. 
  • Marketing Automation: It offers marketing automation that helps you send timely emails.
  • Ecommerce Products: It makes marketing and selling your Ecommerce products easy.
  • Social Marketing: Constant Contact has a Social Marketing feature that helps you find new customers and increase your revenues.
  • Integration: Constant Contact integrates with various third-party apps and services, including Shopify, Canva, WooCommercen, and Etsy.


Constant Contact offers a core plan for free. The premium version starts at $12/ month.

3.  HubSpot


HubSpot, another Mailchimp alternative, is a CRM software company that offers a suite of marketing, sales, customer service, and content management tools designed to help businesses attract, engage, and delight customers. 

In addition to the free CRM, HubSpot offers paid plans that provide access to more advanced features, including lead scoring, custom reporting, and more.

You can easily get an overview of your marketing actions.

See the image below: 

analytics dashboard

HubSpot integrates with WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, other eCommerce platforms, webinar platforms, various social media tools, and everything else you need to get more email subscribers.


  • Form Builder: This software offers a free online form builder that lets you generate leads from your website.
  • Leads: It lets you drive revenue by connecting with leads.
  • Management: You can easily manage your contacts and campaigns.
  • Multi-Functional: It offers useful features, including live chat, contact forms, popups, and other growth tools.


The basic version is available for Free. The premium version starts at $224.72/month per 5000 Contacts.

4. Brevo

brevo plugin

Bervo, formerly Sendinblue, is among the best Mailchimp alternatives that enable you to create, send, and track email campaigns for your businesses more effectively. 

The tool lets you get a complete insight into your contacts and recent campaigns. Plus, you can easily add new contacts and create a campaign.

See the image below:


You can easily create messages using a pre-built automated sequence of messages.

create a campaign

Overall, Brevo is a comprehensive email marketing and automation solution that allows businesses to communicate with their audience effectively, automate their marketing efforts, and drive engagement and revenue.


  • Track Email Performance: Sendinblue follows your email performance and learns what works with detailed statistics for each campaign. It allows businesses to test different variations of their email campaigns to determine which one performs better.
  • Ads: This software provides retargeting ads that allow you to display ads to users who visit your website.
  • Transactional Emails: Sendinblue can send transactional emails like order confirmations or shipping notifications.


Sendinblue offers the basic version for Free. However, the premium version starts at $25/ month.

5. GetResponse


Next, we have GetResponse in our list of Mailchimp alternatives list. This amazing email marketing software has professional email templates, easy design tools, and proven deliverability.

It is an affordable and accessible platform to send emails, grow your list, and automate communication. In addition to email marketing, GetResponse offers marketing automation tools, including lead nurturing, scoring, segmentation, website visitor tracking, and analytics.

Have a look at what you get with GetResponse: 

getresponse icons

GetResponse also provides customer support via live chat, phone, email, etc. Moreover, it ensures maximum security with SSL certificates.


  • One-Time Email: This software lets you send one-time email broadcasts with updates and special offers for free.
  • Free Domain: You can easily connect it to your domain or choose a free one.
  • SEO-Optimization: You can make use of SEO-optimization tools to attract organic traffic.


You can get this software for Free. The premium version starts at $15.6/ month.

6. Moosend


Moosend is another best choice for Mailchimp alternative. It’s an all-in-one email marketing automation platform that allows you to deliver email marketing and automation experiences that drive revenue growth.

moosend new campaigns

It comes with a dashboard where you can see advanced reporting and analytics for your campaigns.

moosend analytics

Moosend has automation features that allow users to create complex workflows based on triggers such as subscriber behavior, email opens, clicks, and more. It can help businesses automate email campaigns and improve efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Drag-and-Drop Newsletter: Moosend has a useful drag-and-drop newsletter editor that allows users to create responsive emails without hiring a professional.
  • Tracking: Moosend offers a tracking feature that helps you follow your users’ steps through the journey.
  • Easy to Use: You can enjoy easy-to-use, in-depth analytics to fine-tune your marketing campaigns.
  • Landing Pages: It lets you build landing pages in no time.


It offers a 30-day Free trial. The premium version starts at $9/ month.

7. ConvertKit


ConvertKit, a Mailchimp alternative, is an email marketing automation platform designed specifically for professional bloggers, creators, and small businesses. The platform offers a range of features to help users grow their email lists, automate their email campaigns, and sell digital products.

create new campaign

ConvertKit's email editor is designed to be user-friendly and simple, allowing users to create custom email templates and sequences without any coding skills. 

See what comes in ConvertKit settings:

convertkit settings

The platform also offers automation workflows, allowing users to create complex email sequences based on subscriber behavior and other triggers.

In addition to email marketing, ConvertKit helps users sell digital products and subscriptions, including customizable landing pages, forms, and checkout pages. 


  • Built-in Features: ConvertKit can increase subscribers with beautiful landing pages, signup forms, and link pages.
  • Convert Followers: This software helps you connect by converting your followers from social media, YouTube, and other platforms to your email list.
  • Organization: You can automatically organize your audience based on their entry, interaction, and interests.
  • Sell Products: This software lets you sell your digital products directly on ConvertKit. You can also integrate into any third-party e-commerce tool you choose for a full view of your sales and audience behavior.


This software offers a 14-day free trial. Then, you can move to the premium version for $9 per month.

8. Mailerlite


MailerLite is a user-friendly email marketing and automation platform offering various features to help businesses grow and engage their email subscribers. 

The tool lets you have a performance overview of your subscriber.

See the image below:

mailerlite dashboard

MailerLite enables you to go for templates, landing pages, pop-ups, and automation workflows. Users can create and send email campaigns using MailerLite's drag-and-drop editor or by importing their HTML code.

MailerLite provides detailed reporting and analytics on email campaign performance, including open, click-through, and conversion rates. Moreover, it lets you integrate your site with third-party applications, including ecommerce platforms, CRM systems, and social media platforms.


  • Responsive Campaigns: This software lets you pick from three editors to create engaging, responsive campaigns.
  • Drag-and-Drop: You can use a drag-and-drop editor with interactive content blocks.
  • Email Composer: This software lets you create a rich-text email or build custom campaigns using the HTML editor.
  • Automatic Emails: Mailerlite automatically sends emails. It also performs several other actions based on a specific event or multiple triggers, including clicking a link or completing a form.


You can get started for Free. The premium version starts at $9/ month.

9. AWeber


AWeber is another best option for Mailchimp alternatives for your site. It’s an email marketing and automation platform enabling businesses to create and send email campaigns and automate their marketing efforts. 

List Management: AWeber allows users to manage their email lists and segment subscribers based on various criteria, such as location, interests, and behavior. It also provides pre-built automation workflows that can be customized to automate email sequences based on triggers such as user behavior or subscription date.


AWeber offers detailed analytics and reporting on email campaign performance, including open, click-through, and conversion rates. It also integrates with various third-party applications, including ecommerce platforms, CRM systems, and social media platforms.


  • Email Templates: AWeber has email templates for different occasions. You can easily edit them to suit your purpose.
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: This tool lets you create emails easily with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.
  • Autopilot: You can put your emails on autopilot for the welcome, abandoned cart, confirmation, etc.
  • Predesigned Reports: It offers pre-designed and easy-to-read reports. It helps you find the best send times and content for more clicks and sales.


You can get started for Free. You can upgrade to the pro version at just $12.50 per month (billed annually).

10. Klaviyo

klaviyo plugin

Klaviyo is another email marketing and automation platform designed specifically for ecommerce businesses. It allows businesses to create and send email campaigns and automate their email marketing efforts based on user behavior and purchase history.


Klaviyo offers pre-built automation workflows that can be customized to automate email sequences based on triggers such as abandoned carts, product recommendations, and post-purchase follow-ups.

klaviyo blocks

This software provides detailed analytics and reporting on email campaign performance, including revenue generated and the ROI of each campaign. Moreover, it integrates with various ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, and with other third-party applications, such as Facebook and Google Ads.


  • Email Storage: The free version lets you send 500 monthly emails.
  • Built-in CPD: Klaviyo (free) has a built-in CDP (Customer Data Performance).
  • SMS/MMS Credits: It provides 150 free monthly SMS and MMS credits. It includes applicable SMS carrier fees.
  • Email Support: You can enjoy Email support for the first 60 days.


Get started for Free with Klaviyo! You can upgrade to the pro version at just $45 per month.

11. Drip


Last but not least, we have Drip on our list of the best Mailchimp alternatives. It is an email marketing automation platform designed to help eCommerce businesses create and manage email campaigns.

It offers 150+ integrations, including: 

social media icons

This platform offers tools to help businesses automate their marketing and sales processes, including email marketing campaigns, personalized messages, and targeted ads.

You can easily segment your email lists based on various criteria such as engagement, behavior, purchase history, etc. Furthermore, you can personalize their email campaigns using dynamic content and personalized messaging, allowing them to deliver more relevant messages to their audience.


  • Autopilot: Drip lets you run multi-channel, evergreen marketing strategies on autopilot. 
  • Built-in Email: You can easily create stunning emails with Drip that help you get conversions.
  • Discount Codes: This software enables you to use the clients’ data to create custom discount codes, price-drop notifications, and more.
  • Integration: It integrates your email marketing service with an eCommerce solution, including WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Shopify.


It offers a 14-day free trial. Then, you can upgrade to the Pro version at $39 per month.

Best Mailchimp Alternatives (Features)

Now explore the features comparison table below for the Top 3 Mailchimp alternatives:

Features Zoho Campaigns Constant Contact Hubspot
Email Templates 🗸 🗸 🗸
A/B Campaigns 🗸 🗸 🗸
Link Tracking 🗸
Marketing Tools 🗸 🗸 🗸
Contact Management 🗸 🗸 🗸
Personalized Greetings 🗸
Analytics & Reporting 🗸 🗸 🗸
Landing Pages 🗸 🗸 🗸

What is the Best MailChimp Alternative?

Several alternatives to MailChimp exist, and the best one for you depends on your specific needs, budget, and the features you prioritize. 

Here are some popular alternatives to MailChimp:

  • Constant Contact: Known for its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support. It offers email marketing, eCommerce tools, and social media integrations.

  • Sendinblue: Offers robust email marketing, SMS marketing, live chat, and CRM tools. It's known for its affordability and scalability.

  • HubSpot: Provides an all-in-one marketing platform with email marketing, CRM, social media management, and more. It's comprehensive but may be higher in terms of pricing.

Before choosing a Mailchimp alternative, consider pricing, customer support, etc. It might be worthwhile to test a few before committing to one.

Mailchimp Alternatives FAQs

Is there a better WordPress plugin than Mailchimp?

Yes, several Mailchimp alternatives are available for free, like Omnisend, Mailerlite, and Sendinblue. The plus point of these plugins is that they provide more features for free than Mailchimp. 

Why choose constant contact over Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a better choice for people who are experienced in email marketing. However, Constant Contact offers ready-to-send templates and phone support, making it a better fit for the non-tech-savvy.

Does Google have a Mailchimp equivalent?

Yes, Google has a Mailchimp equivalent called Google Workspace Marketing Campaigns. It lets you create and send email campaigns directly from your Google Workspace account. 

What are the disadvantages of using Mailchimp?

While Mailchimp is a popular email marketing service that offers many useful features, there are a few potential disadvantages to using the platform, such as limited customization, pricing, and deliverability issues.

What is a free alternative to Mailchimp?

Hundreds of free Mailchimp alternatives are available in the WordPress repository, including HubSpot, Brevo, Omnisend, and Moosend, to name a few examples.


In conclusion, many great Mailchimp alternatives are available for small businesses. Whether you're looking for a more affordable option, a more robust set of features, or simply a change of pace, there are plenty of options to choose from (as mentioned above).

Each platform discussed above offers unique features and benefits, so evaluating your business needs and choosing the platform that best meets your requirements is essential.

No matter which platform you choose, it's clear that the email marketing landscape is constantly evolving and improving. With more options than ever, small businesses have access to powerful tools to help them reach their target audience and grow their business.

That’s it! Thank you for reading this article. Don’t forget to share this article with others who might find this helpful!

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