9 Best RSS Feed Plugins for Your WordPress Site (Free and Paid)

Best RSS Feed Plugins

Do you want an RSS Feed plugin for your WordPress site?

RSS Feed plugins save your time to go searching for new content on your favorite websites. It automatically pulls content for you from your subscribed websites and lets it display on your WordPress site. This plugin boosts engagement, drives traffic, and increases page views.

In this article, we’ll cover 10 RSS Feed plugins for your WordPress site you should try to find a good fit for your requirements. 

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Why Use a WordPress RSS Feed Plugin?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s XML-based content used by millions of bloggers and news publishers to subscribe to their favorite content sites to get the latest updates instead of checking the website for the latest posts manually. The content has all the essential information about the content, such as publication date and author's name.

Let’s walk you through why you’ll need the RSS Feed plugin:

  • It allows websites to publish content in an XML file format.
  • This plugin allows users to subscribe to content using RSS feed readers.
  • You can read the content and pull content from any website and display it anywhere. For example, it lets you get the latest content from social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, to display in WordPress.
  • The RSS feed also lets you organize content from different websites.

How to Choose the Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugin?

WordPress publishes RSS feeds for you by default. It comes with an RSS widget built in. But you cannot customize the display to add thumbnails, social buttons, etc., to it. This is why you need to move to the RSS plugin.

Let’s get to know some tips that will help you pick the right RSS WordPress Feed plugin for your website:

  • It’s better to opt for a user-friendly RSS Feed plugin, as it lets the feed look good on any screen size. Users can enjoy the content in the best way possible.
  • You should carefully choose a plugin that loads without affecting the page speed. As it’ll let you load feeds from different websites.
  • Always choose an RSS feed plugin that is SEO friendly. This will help increase the flow of traffic to your website and improve the rank of your website in search engine results.
  • Make sure that your RSS feed plugin has excellent customer support. It will help you resolve minor to major issues encountered while using the RSS Feed plugins.

10 Best RSS Feed Plugins for WordPress 

You might now have an idea of what are RSS feed plugins, why you use them, and what to look for in the plugins. Let’s look at some of the best WordPress RSS feed plugins you can use.

1.  WP RSS Aggregator 

WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator is a WordPress RSS aggregator plugin. It increases your visitors' engagement and plays an important role in growing your website. You can import and display RSS feeds on your WordPress website without having any coding skills.

This plugin helps you to fetch content from third-party sources or other blogs. You can even store this content in your WordPress database. It enables you to import extensive content from multiple sites.

You can use this plugin to import and display playable Youtube videos on your site. You can even use this plugin to fetch job/real estate listings and news article posts from your favorite blogs. WP RSS Aggregator Add-Ons help you pull full content, including images from RSS feeds. You can use imported items to create a custom RSS feed to be used elsewhere.

Feature Highlights

  • This plugin allows you to Import items as WordPress posts or any other custom post type. 
  • This plugin helps you generate a brand new feed consisting of text, images, or other media might see on the original site.
  • It provides a fully customizable grid template and a simpler list-type template.
  • This plugin grants keyword filtering which means you can automatically filter through only the imported items based on keywords, phrases, and tags. 


It’s a free plugin. The basic package starts at $59.00 per year.

2. Feedzy RSS Feeds 

Feedzy RSS Feeds

Feedzy RSS Feeds another top WordPress RSS feed to blog post plugin to aggregate RSS feeds into your website. It helps you curate content, import, or display unlimited RSS feeds within no time.

This plugin consists of multiple templates that let you control how you display feeds. You can even go for rearrange the post layout to exactly the way you want to make content look native to your website.

It helps you to get content from affiliate networks onto your WordPress site. It can be used as a content aggregator and a news curator. You can combine it with your original content to increase your affiliate earnings.

Feature Highlights

  • Feedzy automatically converts RSS feed items to WordPress pages or custom post types.
  • This plugin offers you to include or exclude posts based on keywords.
  • This plugin helps you automate the affiliate links on your site.
  • It has article spinner integration that helps you automatically rephrase or translate your imported content.


It’s a free plugin. The basic package starts at $59.00 per year.

3. WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher

WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher

WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher is an easy-to-use auto-blogging plugin. This plugin helps you to import RSS feed items as actual posts or as custom post types. It lets you publish your posts from channels, YouTube playlists, RSS/Atom, or XML feeds.

This plugin has a well-organized interface. It provides you with different settings, including post type to use, a default post status, how often to fetch, and much more.

It lets you create a new feed by just filling in some fields. Let’s suppose you want an Atom feed you simply need to edit the page template file. Furthermore, WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher has a speed optimization feature. It makes you reduce overload.

Feature Highlights

  • This plugin has campaign feeds, and options are organized into campaigns.
  • It has a comfortable interface like Worpress posts editing for every campaign.
  • This has compatible work with the Featured Image from the URL plugin.
  • It automatically copies the slug from the original permalink for better SEO.


The basic version of WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher is free. The premium package starts at $82.00.

4. Super RSS Reader Pro

Super RSS Reader Pro

Super RSS Reader Pro is a simple and easy-to-use plugin that lets you display content from multiple RSS feeds in your WordPress sidebar. It’s a free alternative to the native WordPress RSS widget.

Super RSS Reader Pro lets you add as many feeds as you like. You can even separate the feeds into tabs for the users to help them cheese the field of their choice. Moreover, it lets you display post titles as a news ticker, perfect for websites that want to show breaking news from other sources.

You can add and customize multiple RSS feeds in your WordPress sidebar with display options, including an animated news ticker display, tabs to separate feeds, and thumbnails for featured images.

Feature Highlights

  • This plugin lets you add a vertical news ticker-like effect to your RSS feed.
  • This plugin allows you to show/hide the feed titles, description, and date format, open in a new tab, trim text, and much more.
  • This plugin has a code base that is simple and lightweight.
  • It lets you filter feed items based on title, URL, and description.


The basic version of Super RSS Reader Pro is free. The premium package starts at $25.00.

5. Featured Images for RSS Feeds 

Featured Images for RSS Feeds

Featured Images for RSS Feeds is another handy and customizable RSS plugin developed for a content marketer. It allows you to go for any automatic marketing service. 

You can add featured images to your RSS feeds in WordPress without touching a single line of code. You can even select among different styles for your post thumbnail or featured image.

This plugin allows you to customize the size of the image for the RSS feed. This plugin also works WooComme product images. Once you start using this plugin you can enjoy displaying the feed from multiple sources, customize the feed, image alignment, padding, and much more. 

Feature Highlights

  • This plugin can be used in any marketing automation service.
  • It lets you select the featured image size and position.
  • It automatically adds product photos to the product RSS feeds, and creates product-based RSS campaigns.
  • It provides free support through the WordPress Support Forum.


It’s a free plugin.

6. Product Feed Pro for WooCommerce

Product Feed Pro for the WooCommerce

Product Feed Pro for WooCommerce is another best RSS feed plugin for a WordPress site to generate WooCommerce product feeds for all your marketing channels. This is a very useful online store for owners, marketers, and online marketing campaigns.

Product Feed Pro for the WooCommerce plugin can also be used for Facebook remarketing, Google shopping, and much more. Product Feed Pro for WooCommerce lets you easily set up and manage your content online. You can enjoy several other features, including product variable support, field mapping, and so on.

Last but not least, the Product Feed Pro plugin integrates with the Polylang plugin, which means you can create content in your preferred language.

Feature Highlights

  • This plugin has an immense number of product feeds.
  • You can set an advanced filter to exclude or include low-margin or high-margin products. 
  • You can add custom fields.
  • This plugin has advanced features for creating the best possible product feed for Google Shopping.


It’s a free plugin.

7. Category Specific RSS feed Subscription

A Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription

A Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription allows you to show a category-specific RSS feed for all your categories like "Politics," "Sports," "Arts," etc. So that your users get only what they wish to see rather than uninteresting material. You can configure up to 8 different custom topic-specific RSS feeds.

You can even construct an RSS feed menu with the help of a Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription that is particular to a tag. You can use a simple shortcode to create an RSS feed menu for all of the tags on your site.

Feature Highlights

  • This plugin offers a customer-friendly service.
  • This plugin helps you to subscribe and get notifications on a specific topic of your choice.
  • It lets you deliver only relevant content to the users.
  • You can construct an RSS feed menu. 


It’s a free plugin.

8.  WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin

The WordPress Automatic Plugin helps you to import RSS feeds from unlimited sources and different content formats such as articles, audio and videos, products, and listings directly to your WordPress site.

This plugin has a keyword suggestion feature. It will help you create a list of all the keywords starting with a specific letter. and even help you post YouTube videos that match your keywords on your WordPress site in any language.

This is a very smart plugin that lets you search for feeds and images used for FB with the help of image tags. You can even map the feed and the image together. This FB image automatically becomes the featured image.

Feature Highlights

  • This plugin lets you filter or mute specific words or sentences.
  • It offers WooCommerce, multisite network, auto search, and replace support.
  • It lets you translate the content before posting.
  • It also has a keyword suggestion feature.


It starts at $19.

9. RSS Includes Pages

RSS Include Pages

RSS Includes Pages is a simple, user-friendly, and easy-to-use RSS feed. So you don't need to worry about how to set it up.

RSS includes pages and is completely free. But you can enhance its functionality through the premium edition. It can be proven to be a good investment for your WordPress site.

You can pay an extra $10 to set your RSS feed to publish only your pages, filter pages, and posts by ID.

Feature Highlights

  • This is a lightweight plugin.
  • It lets you filter or mute specific words or sentences.
  • It automatically modifies RSS feeds so that they include pages and posts. 


It’s a free plugin.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple RSSD Feed plugins available for your WordPress site for different types of RSS feeds. We hope this article helps you find an RSSD feed plugin that fits your needs and help you easily make a decision.

Let us know which plugin you picked in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do RSS feeds still exist?

RSS feeds still exist, but they are not as dominant as they once were.

Does WordPress automatically create an RSS feed?

By default, WordPress has an RSS widget to add to your sidebar to display the latest posts from any other blog on your website.

Do we need an RSS Feed plugin?

RSS Feed plugin helps the reader to have an insight into your latest updates and articles. So, you might require it to keep your readers up-to-date on your latest content. 

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