How to Upload a PDF to WordPress

Upload PDF Files to WordPress

Do you want to upload a PDF file to your WordPress site?

You can easily upload PDF files to WordPress site and make them available to be downloaded. These PDFs help you grow your email subscribers or even sell PDF digital downloads in a members-only area.

In this article, we’ll show you how to upload a

PDF file to your WordPress site. Let’s get started!

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Why Should You Upload PDF Files to WordPress?

The PDF file format is portable, version independent, and reliable. A PDF never relies on the software, hardware, or operating system on which it is viewed.

It presents the data exactly the way you composed it. For instance, how often have you tried to open a Word Doc or a PowerPoint presentation to see a warning saying there are some missing fonts in the document? But you don’t have to be worried if you are using a PDF file. It lets you easily share images, tables, and much more without inconvenience.

Upload a PDF on WordPress Using Media Library

If you’ve planned to upload a PDF file to a WordPress site and want to share it with everyone, we’ve gathered some methods to let you know how you can do this.

Using the Media Library, you can easily upload a PDF file to your WordPress site. For this method, you’ll need to work on a Media Library to help you get the direct link to the PDF file.

First, go to the left side of your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Media, and then Add New.

Media Library

Here, click on the Select Files button to upload the PDF file of your choice or drag and drop it into it.

Dorp files to upload or Select Files

On upload completion, you’ll receive the URL of the PDF file.

Copy URL to clipboard

Now you need to copy the URL of that PDF file. Your PDF file has now been uploaded to your WordPress website.

Note: If you want to delete the PDF from your WordPress site, click the Edit option and click Delete Permanently.

Let’s Add a PDF File to a Post/Page in WordPress

Once you’ve uploaded the PDF file to your WordPress site, you might wonder how to add it to your posts or pages. By default, you cannot upload a full PDF document to your WordPress site. Hence, you can add them as download links in your blog posts. But it doesn't mean there is no way to do this task.

Note: We assume you’ve already uploaded a PDF to your WordPress site using the Media Library.

Now, add a File block in the editor.

File Block Editor

Next, click the ‘Media Library’ option.

File Block

Next, you'll need to select the PDF file you want to add to the post. Here you can enter a title and edit the file name. WordPress also allows you to show a download button. Finally, hit the publish button.


Note: You can even change the button text and link it to the PDF file or an attachment page.

This is how easily you can upload PDF files on a WordPress site. However, you’ll require a WordPress PDF plugin to show full PDF documents.

Upload a PDF on WordPress Using Plugins

By default, WordPress doesn't offer the option to upload PDF files to your WordPress posts or pages. This is where a PDF plugin fills in the gap nicely.

The WordPress PDF plugin lets you display your documents on your WordPress site. Your website visitors can then view and download a PDF while staying on your site. 

There are simple ways to upload a pdf file to your WordPress site using a plugin:

1. Install PDF Embedder on Your WordPress Website

2. Configure Plugin’s Settings

3. Upload a PDF

Final Thoughts

By default, WordPress doesn't offer the option to upload PDF files to your WordPress Don’t worry! The method mentioned here is a good option for uploading a PDF file to your WordPress site. You can also use different plugins for the same reason to engage your audience.

That's all we helped you with how to upload pdf on WordPress. You may also want to check out  How To Change Domain Name in WordPress and How To Customize WordPress Login Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload a PDF into WordPress?

Yes! You can easily upload a PDF file to a WordPress site. Simply drag and drop your PDF file into WordPress or click the "Select Files" button to upload it.

Why is my PDF not uploading?

If you are finding some problems with uploading a pdf file to your WordPress site, there might be some issues with the file.

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