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How to Activate LoginPress(PRO) License Key ?

In order to activate the License Key

  1. Go to  LoginPress ▸ Licence Manager in the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Enter the license key in the information field.
  3. After entering the license key, click on the activate license button which will activate your license key.


Why License Key?

Getting a license will provide you with the following features:

  1. Future updates: You will be able to get all the updates that will be made in the future.
  2. Premium Support: You will get the access to premium support (depending upon the plan).
  3. Access to Add-ons: Getting a license key will give you access to all the add-ons i.e, current as well as the upcoming add-ons which will be a part of this plugin in the future.

After plugin gets installed successfully you can activate them by clicking Activate the button as appearing on your screen.