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LoginPress Settings

Go to LoginPress ▸ Settings from the Dashboard menu.

  1. Click on Allow & Continue button. To help us Improve LoginPress
  2. Under the Settings tab. You can find the following fields.
  3. Force Login: Force user to login before viewing the content of your site. Kind of membership. If you have enabled this option a user will redirect to the login page. (Premium).
  4. Enable reCAPTCHA: Goto Doc (Premium).
  5. Session Expire: Goto Doc.
  6. Custom Password Fields: Here you can create custom password fields on a registration form. In this case, the user can easily create a password when s/he registers on your site without the confirmation of a password via email.
  7. Login Order: You can allow users to login using their username and/or email address only.
  8. Lost Password URL: Goto Doc.
  9. Reset Default Settings: You can reset the default settings of the LoginPress.
  10. Remove Settings on Uninstall: This option will remove all LoginPress settings upon uninstall of the plugin.
  11. After the settings change, click the Save Changes button.