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LoginPress Settings

LoginPress plugin helps you to set different options for your custom login form/page according to your requirements that include security (reCaptcha, Force login) and other settings (Session expire, log in order, custom password fields).

To view the LoginPress settings

Navigate to LoginPress > Settings from the Dashboard menu.

Under the Settings tab. You will find the following options.

1. Force Login: Force users to log in before viewing the content of your site. Kind of membership. If you have enabled this option a user will redirect to the login page. (Premium).

2. Enable reCAPTCHA: Enable reCAPTCHA (Premium feature) option will help you to enable the reCaptcha on your login page. Check our guide that will help you to customize your Login form ReCaptcha. Goto Doc

3. Session Expire: Session expire option will help you to set the session expire time. Check our doc that will help you to implement the session expire on your website with LoginPress Goto Doc.

4. Custom Password Fields: Here you can create custom password fields on a registration form. In this case, the user can easily create a password when s/he registers on your site without the confirmation of a password via email.

5. Login Order: You can allow users to log in using their username and/or email address only.

6. Lost Password URL: If you already have installed WooCommerce plugin on your website then WooCommerce will replace the WordPress by default login, register, and lost URL page with the WooCommerce page. This feature will help you to set your own login, register, and lost password pages. Check our complete guide on Lost Password URL Goto Doc.

7. Reset Default Settings: You can reset the default settings of the LoginPress.

8. Remove Settings on Uninstall: This option will remove all LoginPress settings upon uninstall of the plugin. By enabling this option all the plugin data is deleted from your database.