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LoginPress has thousands of active installs. So, we provide robust open source community support on the LoginPress Forums. Additionally, we offer a complete guide along with simple and easy-to-follow How-to videos.

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LoginPress PRO
users can get ticket-based support directly from the WPBrigade Support Tickets system. Visit https://wpbrigade.com/contact/

 1. FAQ: Do you have any questions? Please check FAQ

 2. Support Forums: Free support is available on the plugin support forum.

 3. Support Ticket – Pro version: Found a bug or have a feature request? Please submit an issue here!

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Updated on October 3, 2022

LoginPress Support
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These FAQs answer the most common questions about our WordPress custom login page plugin.

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Is LoginPress WPML Compatible?

LoginPress is fully supported with multilingual. LoginPress is also compatible with WPML Plugin, which means you can easily translate your login page with WPML plugin according to the given translation options in the WPML plugin.

Is LoginPress translation ready?

Yes, LoginPress has full translation and localization support via the LoginPress textdomain. All .mo and .po translation files should go into the languages folder in the base of the plugin.

Is coding skills needed to use LoginPress?

No, It is very easy to setup. Just plug and play. Have fun!

How to Install or Use LoginPress Pro?

Step-by-step instructions on How to Upgrade from existing Free version to Pro
1. You have installed and set up the Free version already.
2. Upload the Pro version.
3. Pro features will be enabled automatically.
4. You don’t need to set up Free version options again.
5. Setup Pro features like Google fonts, Google reCaptcha, Choose themes, etc.

Where is my license key?

License key is the Order ID which looks like in this format.
You can find it in the email Sales Receipt.

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