How to Add Facebook Social Login on Your WordPress Site with LoginPress

LoginPress offers Social Login Add-on that helps to integrate Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter into your WordPress site. It boosts signups to your site by saving users time filling out the default login or registration form for authentication. This quick and simple method also reduces spam and bot registrations.

With this knowledgebase, we’ll show you how to add LoginPress Facebook Social Login on your WordPress site with LoginPress Social Login Add-on.

Add Facebook Social Login with LoginPress Social Login Add-on

Note: See our Complete guide Social Login to learn how to activate LoginPress Social Login Add-on. 

Follow these steps to integrate the Facebook Login to your WordPress site:

Step 1: Create App

Go to the Facebook Developers section and log in to your account if you have not logged in already. This should be something other than your business account.

Note:  If you are here (in the Facebook Developer section) for the first time, You will be required to “Create a Facebook for Developers account” if you don't have one.

Go to  Facebook Developers and click get started at the top right corner.

Click “My Apps” at the top right corner of the Meta Developer screen.

My Apps

Click the “Create App” button.

Create App

Next, you’ll need to select any Type and then click Next.

Note: Here, we’ve selected Business.

Select Business

Fill out the form with the Display Name and Contact Email and click Create App.

Create app

Next, you’ll need to verify yourself.

Re-enter Password

Once verified, you’ll be moved to the next screen. Here you’ll need to add a product to your App. In our case, it's “Facebook Login.” Click on the “Set Up” button under "Facebook Login."

Set up Facebook Login

Select the platform for this app: Here, we use "Web."

Select Web

Next, copy the Site URL Social Login Help tab > Facebook login > point no 2.2.7, paste it here, and click the Save button.

Paste Site URL and Save

Step 2: Get Facebook App ID & Secret ID

On Facebook for Developer's page, Go to Settings > Basic from the left side menu of Facebook.


Fill out the required fields, including:

Contact Email

The contact Email address is the Internet email address of the person who is the designated contact of the referring organization.

App Domain URL

The App Domain URL is a link to your app domain.

Privacy Policy URL

A privacy policy URL is a link to the webpage where your privacy policy is posted. 

Data Deletion Instructions URL

According to Facebook policy, you must provide the User Data Deletion Instructions URL.

Click Save when you are done.

Dashboard > Basic

Then select the category and press confirm button.

The App ID and App Secret are also here on the Settings > Basic page. Copy that App ID & Secret ID.

Copy App ID and App Secret

Step 3: Past in the Facebook Login Field

Now to the LoginPress Social Login’s Settings tab and paste App ID and App Secret right next to the Facebook Login fields.

Paste Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret

Click the Save button when you’re done. 

Save Changes

Step 4: Add valid OAuth redirect URIs

 On Facebook for Developer's page, Go to Facebook Login > Settings from the left side menu.

Facebook Login > Settings

Add valid OAuth redirect URIs here:

When you are done, click Save.

Paste Valid OAuth Redirect URIs

Step 5: Enable the Live Button 

The final step of the process is to mark the app Public on Facebook for the Developer's page. For this, check the box in the top bar. Remember to Save the settings. 


Note: You can choose between enabling Facebook on the Login or Register form.

Enable Social login on Login/Register Form

Log out from WordPress and check the login page to see the Facebook Login effect.

Add Facebook Social Login

That’s it! Enjoy Facebook Login on the login form!

This is how you can easily add Facebook Social Login with LoginPress to your WordPress site.

Try the LoginPress Social Login Add-on, and let us know how much it helped you!

If you have any doubts or questions related to this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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Updated on December 9, 2022

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