How to Integrate Microsoft Social Login on WordPress

With the Microsoft social login, users can register on your WordPress site using their Microsoft accounts. Exciting!! Isn't it?

This feature enhances user sign-ups by allowing them to quickly and easily authenticate using their existing accounts. This saves time and reduces the hassle of filling out traditional login or registration forms. Additionally, it helps cut down on spam and bot registrations.

This documentation provides step-by-step instructions on seamlessly integrating Microsoft login with LoginPress Social Login to your WordPress site.

Integrate Microsoft App with Social Login Addon

Note: See our Complete guide on Social Login to learn how to activate the LoginPress Social Login Add-on. 

First, you’ll need to enable Microsoft Login in the LoginPress Social Login’s Settings tab. 

Once you’ve enabled it, you can see other fields, including:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Redirect URI 

loginpress social login screen

You’ll be required to fill in these fields to integrate the Microsoft Social Login on the WordPress login and/or Registration form with LoginPress.

Here, we’ve curated simple steps. Follow them to create an app on Microsoft and configure the necessary settings to utilize Microsoft Login on your WordPress site.

Step 1: Microsoft App Registration

First of all, you’re required to create an app on Microsoft to use Microsoft Login in a web application.

For this purpose, go to the Microsoft Azure Portal.

Now, click the Create one! link to create a new account.

Note: Ignore this step in case you have an existing Microsoft Azure account.

microsoft account creation

On the next screen, you’ll be asked to provide your email address and password, and then you'll be asked to verify.

When you verify your email account, you’ll be on the Welcome screen. To get started, click the Get started button.

get started screen

Now, you’re required to select the purpose behind creating the Microsoft Account.

azure registration screen

Next, click the Start the tour button.

start screen

Now, you’ll find yourself on the Microsoft Azure screen.

Here, go to the Search bar at the top, type, and select App registrations.

See the GIF below: 

search app registration

On the next screen, select the New registration button.

new registration button

Now, type the desired app name in the Name field.

add app name

Choose an option for Supported account types. You will need to select the account type that fits your audience. Here’s a brief explanation of each account type if you are not sure what to choose:

  • Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory – Multitenant): Only users with work/school accounts from Azure AD can sign into the application. Personal Microsoft accounts can not use the Microsoft button to log in when this option is selected.
  • Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory—Multitenant) and personal Microsoft accounts (e.g. Skype, Xbox): This allows users with both personal Microsoft accounts and work/school accounts from Azure AD to sign into the application.
  • Personal Microsoft accounts only: This option allows only users with personal Microsoft accounts (MSA) to sign into the application. Work and School Microsoft accounts can not use the Microsoft button to log in when this option is selected.

Note: Here we’ve selected the first option. You can select the one that fits your needs.

microsoft azure

In the “Redirect URI (optional)” field, select the Web option as a platform and add the SITE_URL/wp-login.php.

Note: Don’t forget to add your site URL before wp-login.php slug.

See the image below:

microsoft account registration

Now, click the Register button to create your App.

When you are done, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: App Configuration

Next, you’re required to go to the Overview page.

overview tab

Copy the Application (client) ID and paste it into the plugin settings inside the Client ID field.

copy paste client id

Now go to the left sidebar menu on the Microsoft Azure screen, navigate to Manage, and click the Certificates & secrets option.

Next, you’re required to click on the + New client secret button.

A side pop-up will appear on the screen with 2 fields, including:

  • Description: Add a description of the client's secret.
  • Expires: Add the expiration date, i.e., 180 Days.

See the GIF below:

test app screen

When done, click the Add button to generate your Client Secret key.

add client secret button

The Client Secret key will be named Value. All you need to do is to copy the Value and paste it into the plugin settings, inside the Client Secret field.

copy and paste client secret

Step 3: Social Login Settings

Now, go to the LoginPress Social Login screen and add Redirect URI.

Note: Redirect URI is given under the Redirect URI field.

See the image below:

Redirect uri

Next, you can select where to add Microsoft Social Login, i.e., the Login Form, the Register Form, or both. 

Note: Here, we’ve enabled both the Login Form and Register Form options to integrate Microsoft Social Login into both forms.

See the image below:

enable social login on

Log out from WordPress and revisit the login page to see the Microsoft Social Login in action.

microsoft social login


We hope you now understand how to integrate Microsoft Social Login into your WordPress login and registration form. Users can enjoy a seamless login and registration process using their web application's Microsoft credentials. 

That’s all!

Here is a quick recap:

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You can contact our dedicated support team if you need any help.

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Updated on June 15, 2024

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