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Introduction to LoginPress

LoginPress is a WordPress Custom login page customizer plugin developed by WPBrigade that will help you to create a custom login page for your WordPress website according to your requirements. You can modify the look and feel of the login page completely even the login error messages, forgot error messages, registration error messages, forget password hint message, and many more.

LoginPress Plugin would give you and its users a feeling that it is a custom login page and a part of the site layout.
LoginPress is a very useful plugin if you have a membership site or if you have a site where people create a profile, login/logout on your site.

LoginPress plugin is built using the WordPress Customizer API which is getting popular for live-previewing any changes to the layouts of WordPress. So, with LoginPress you can preview your login page changes instantly. This login customizer plugin is easy enough & it required no coding skills. Just have options for each element on the login form and make a new customized login page within seconds.


1. Pre-Designed login templates
2. Google Fonts
3. Customize logo on the login screen
4. Custom login page background
5. Social login
6. Customize login button option
7. Different login form styles
8. Custom welcome message
9. Can add custom CSS & JS to customize the design of Login Page
10. You can easily save, import & export login page settings and use these settings on your other website where you have already installed LoginPress.
11. Google reCaptcha
12. Custom Login error message
13. Limit login attempts feature to secure the login page
14. Auto login
15. Hide/rename login
16. Login redirects
17. Blacklist unauthorized IP & whitelist known IP addresses from the blacklist

By using the LoginPress plugin you can easily customize your login page and implement different security features to secure the login page of your WordPress website from hacking attacks. Check our guide on how to find the LoginPress plugin.