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Error Messages

One of the major feature of the LoginPress plugin. You can change every error message that the user will get depending on the outcome of login attempts, registration attempts, or forget attempts. So it’s really really creative.

To change the error messages on your login form follow the given guidelines below

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard

2. Navigate LoginPress > Customizer > Error Messages

3. After clicking on the error messages option, a new window will open you will get a different error message that you can customize according to your requirements.

You can implement the following custom error messages on your login page with the LoginPress plugin

Incorrect Username Message: Customize the Incorrect Username Error Message.

Incorrect Password Message: Customize the Incorrect Password Error Message.

Empty Username Message: Customize the Empty Username Error Message.

Empty Password Message: Customize the Empty Password Error Message.

Empty Email Message: Customize the Empty Email Message.

Invalid Email Message: Customize the Invalid Email Message, if the user enters the wrong email then an Invalid Email Message will appear.

Username Already Exist Message: Customize the Username Already Exist Error Message.

Email Already Exist Message: Customize the Email Already Exist Error Message.

Forget Password Message: Customize the Forget Password Error Message.

Log in with Email Message: Customize the Error Message when force users to login with Email instead of a username.

Watch the video given below on how to change or customize the error message on your WordPress website login page with LoginPress.