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Now time to change the login page background image or color with LoginPress. Here you can customize the background image or color. Set its position, size, and repeatable property.

Customizing ▸ LoginPress ▸ Background: Customize Your Background and preview it in Customizer Previewer.

  1. Background Color: Customize the color of the background by color picker control. (Low Priority)
  2. Enable Background Image? Enable/Disable login page background image.
    1. Background Gallery: You can choose the background of your login page from the default gallery images. If you select the background image from the gallery it’ll override the selected theme image. (High Priority)
    2. Background Image: You can choose your own background on your login page. If you choose your own background image the gallery will be hidden from the section and this image will override on the selected theme image. (Higher Priority)
    3. Background Repeat: Customize the repeatable option. This option is very useful if your background image size isn’t big enough. For example, if you are using a pattern you can repeat your background image.
    4. Select Position: Customize the background-position according to the image.
    5. Background Image Size: Customize the background image size according to the image.
  3. Enable Background Video? Enable/Disable login page background video. (Higher Priority)
    1. Background Image: You can choose your own background on your login page.
    2. Video Size: Customize the background video size according to the video.
    3. Object Position: Customize the video position according to the video.
    4. Muted Video: Enable/Disable mute option of the video.