How to Customize WordPress Login Page Background with LoginPress (Simple)

By default, there is no Background on the login page of a WordPress website. However, from a functionality and aesthetics perspective, the default WordPress Login Page without the background is not much appealing.

default background

The Background is the built-in feature of the LoginPress plugin. It is objected to customize the overall soul of your WordPress website’s Login Page. Let it be Background Color, Image, or Video. It provides a unique individuality to your Login Page.  

This knowledgebase article will show how you can easily customize the Background on the WordPress Login Page with LoginPress.

Note: We assume that you’ve already downloaded and installed LoginPress

Let’s get started!

LoginPress Background Feature

Step 1: Navigate to LoginPress Background Feature

Go to the left side of the WordPress admin dashboard. Navigate to LoginPress and click on the Customizer option. 


A new screen with all of the Customization Options will open up. Simply click the Background option.

select background

After clicking on the Background option, a new window will open where you’ll get all the customization options for customizing the Background. Along with the Live Preview, to instantly track the changes made to the login page Background. 

background feature

Step 2: Customize the Background

Once you are in the "Background" section, you’ll find different options to customize your Login Page Background in terms of Color, Image, and Video.

Note: You can either go with Background Images or Background Videos. 

Let's dive deep into the Background feature.

Section 1. Background Color: 

In LoginPress, you can change the WordPress default soft grey background to any color you choose. (Low Priority)

Note: You’ll need to disable Background Image first to use the Background Color.

To change the color, go to the Background Color section and click the Select Color button.

select background color

The color edit box will open up right away. From here, you can easily select any color of your choice.

Once selected, it’ll take the cover of your Login Page background.

background color

Section 2. Background Image

1. Enable Background Image:

When you are on the Background customizing section for the first time after installing and activating LoginPress, you’ll notice that “Enable Background Image” is already Toggled On.  

Here you’ll find two options: choose an image from the Background Gallery or Select the Image of your choice.

enable background image

2. Background Gallery:

You can choose the background of your Login Page from the default Gallery Image. If you select the background image from the gallery, it’ll override the selected theme image. (High Priority)

background gallery

3. Background Image: 

You can choose your own background image on your Login Page. If you prefer your own background image, the gallery will be hidden from the section, and this image will override the selected theme image. (Higher Priority)

background image

4. Background Repeat: 

Once you have selected the background image, you can make other changes like customizing the Background Repeat. 

This option is helpful if your background image size isn’t big enough. For example, if you use a pattern, you can repeat your background image, as shown in the GIF below.

Note: This feature is used for small-sized background images only. 

Background repeat

5. Select Position: 

Not only repeat, but you can also customize the position of your selected background image. 

6. Background Image Size: 

The LoginPress Background Image feature is not done yet! You can further customize the Background Image Size. Cool, right?

Background Image size

Section 3. Background Video

1. Background Video

Are you done with Background Color or Image and looking for something that lets you engage first-time visitors on your website? Why not give it a try to the Background Video?

LoginPress’s Background Video feature lets you inject life into your page content. 

All you need to do is Toggle On the "Enable Background Video" option in the LoginPress customizer Background feature.

enable background video

Once done, a new option, Background Video, will display. From here, you can not only select a video but can customize that video in terms of Size and Position

Let’s dive into Background Video!

1. Background Video

Click on the Select Video option to upload the video as your Login Page Background.

select video

LoginPress Background Video feature offers the following option to set the background video for your login page according to your requirements.

2. Video Size: 

It lets you customize the background video size according to the video.

3. Object Position: 

You can easily customize the video position according to the video.

4. Muted Video: 

Enable/Disable the Mute option of the video through Toggle Button

Video Size

Note: Once you are done, don’t forget to click the Publish button to make all the changes LIVE.


 All done! Easy, right? Now you can quickly get started with LoginPress Background.

Now it’s your turn! Try out the LoginPress custom Background, and let us know how much it helped you!

Also check out how to customize the WordPress login Page as well. If you have any doubts or questions related to this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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Updated on April 18, 2024

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