How to Customize Your First Login Form with LoginPress

If you are looking for an easy way to customize the login form to get rid of your boring and default WordPress login form, you are at the right place.

Since we are going to talk about customizing the login form to add fancy effects and UX (User Experience) to catch users’ attention and usability to the maximum level. 

Let’s get started to customize the login form!

Is Customization of The Login Form Important?

By default, WordPress offers a very basic login form having its own brand Logo to its users. Appearing as a gate to your WordPress site, it is comprised of login fields i.e. “Username” and “Password”. 

WordPress default login form

All of it is quite okay if you are the only person using this standard setup to access the WordPress backend. But if you are intending to stand out in your branding and break the dullness of the WordPress-branded option. You need to create a custom-branded login form.

How to Customize Your First Login Form With LoginPress?

In order to customize the WordPress Login Form, you are no longer dependent on custom coding or snippets anymore. For reason that it can be hard, time-taking, and mind-boggling for many of us.

So how we are going to achieve it? To save our creativity and energy, we got LoginPress with us! In the Customizer section, we can easily change the elements and detailing on the login form along with WordPress’s brand logo.

LoginPress Customizer Settings

Let’s dive into LoginPress’s Customizer section to see what features are available to customize our first login form in a few clicks, without writing a single line of code. 

See, what features come with the LoginPress Customizer section.

How to Customize Your First Login Form with LoginPress


In the LoginPress Customizer, you have a full-functioning editor vibe with these Pre-built Themes. Its sole purpose is to customize the feel and style of your login form to rebrand it replacing the standard WordPress default login form.

You can know more about Themes since LoginPress Free and Pro version offers a lot to its users. From basic to custom themes according to the requirement of your WordPress website. 


Google Fonts (Premium) 

Default WordPress login forms are usually dull and boring because of their traditional visual settings. LoginPress’s Google Fonts offers you to add a personal touch to your login forms. Since you can access hundreds of Google Fonts to use on the login form and level up the readability game for maximum users. 

In addition, you can preview your login form’s changes instantly which requires zero coding skills.  Just a few clicks, and you are done changing the Google fonts!

Google Fonts

You can grab more information on Google Fonts.


The Logo of your brand or business is a powerful tool to represent your existence. In LoginPress, the Logo feature is a handy option that allows you to customize the WordPress standard logo on the login form. You can customize the logo in terms of adjusting the sizes, colors, and content of login logos as per your WordPress website’s branding.


You can learn more about the Logo customization guide.


This feature allows you to change the background of your login page. Moreover, it allows you to upload any background image or set your favorite background color and even a video in the background of your login page according to your requirements.


You can check the detailed documentation of the Background to know more about it. 

Customize Login Form

This feature allows you to customize the actual Login Form according to your requirements in terms of image or color, width, height, radius, shadow, shadow opacity, and more. You can also customize the Input Text Field concerning width, margin, text color, label color, and background color.

Customize Login Form

You can know more about Customize Login Form for its maximum use.

Customize Forget Form

Customize Forget Form offers you customization control to advance the look of Forget Forms. In terms of background color and background image that you can easily change them according to your requirements.

Forget Form

You can learn more about Customize Forget Form here

reCAPTCHA (Premium)

LoginPress is not bound to visual customizations of the login form but it offers Security and Style together. Since reCAPTCHA provides protection against bot attacks on your login pages. In LoginPress Customizer, it offers the opportunity to customize the size and error messages on your login form.


You can learn more about reCAPTCHA to know its security and styling features. 

Beauty Button 

Beauty Button is to beautify the Log In button on your login form, register form, and password forgets form as well, in accordance with customizing the button color or text.

Button Beauty

You can learn more about Beauty Button to know its detailing.

Error Messages

Custom error messages on your login form speak of your brand individuality. With LoginPress Customizer, it is simply a few clicks away. That is all to change every error message that the user will get depending on the outcome of login attempts, registration attempts, or forget attempts.

Error Messages

You can explore more in detail about Error Messages, by clicking the Error Messages article here. 

Welcome Messages

The welcome messages on login forms act as a greeting to your users. Its customization can help you speak up for your brand image. With LoginPress, you can customize it on your Login Forms to set the customized welcome messages without hiring developers or coders.

Welcome Messages

 Footer Text 

Footer Text in the login form is basically the copyright information of your business or brand getting showcased by your website. To customize it to give brand individuality, Footer Text in the LoginPress’s Customizer is quite helpful. 

Form Footer

Customizing your login form is no longer dependent on custom coding or hiring professional developers. You can download LoginPress and start rolling like a Pro master. Boost your login form with LoginPress!

You can know more details about the Footer Text.

If you have any doubts or questions related to this matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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Updated on January 2, 2024

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No, LoginPress will not slow down your website. The plugin is lightweight and only loads the necessary files when someone tries to access your login page.

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