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reCaptcha (Premium)

Google reCaptcha is a CAPTCHA-like system designed to establish that a computer user is human (normally in order to protect websites from bots). LoginPress has a feature to enable Google reCaptcha on Login, Registration, and Forget form. The following are the steps to enable Google reCaptcha in LoginPress. The basic premium version of the plugin gives you access to reCaptcha.

Go to LoginPress ▸Settings from the Dashboard menu.
Under the Settings tab. You can find the enable reCaptcha fields.

  1. Enable LoginPress reCaptcha.
  2. Go to Google reCaptcha to manage your reCAPTCHA API keys.
  3. Enter Label for reCaptcha.
  4. Choose the type of reCaptcha. In our case it’s V2.
  5. Enter your Domain e.g:
  6. Accept the reCaptcha Terms of Services and click on the Register button.
  7. After Registration, you will get the Site Key & Secret Key.
  8. Copy Site Key & Secret Key and Paste them into LoginPress reCaptcha Settings.
  9. Select a reCaptcha Theme Light or Dark.
  10. Enable reCaptcha on Login, Registration, and/or Forget Form Where you want.
  11. After the settings change, click the Save Changes button.

LoginPress reCaptcha will be Work as you set?
You can customize LoginPress reCaptcha Error message Goto Doc