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Welcome Messages

Welcome Message feature is one of the amazing feature in LoginPress plugin helps you to set a customized welcome message on your login screen for your website users. To set a customized welcome on your login screen with the LoginPress plugin you need to follow the given steps below.

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard

2. Navigate to LoginPress > Customizer > Welcome Messages

3. After clicking on the Welcome Messages option, a new window will open where you can set different login screen messages according to your requirements.

Note: Changings will appear on your login page after publishing the page.

Following messages, you can set on your login screen with the LoginPress plugin.

Welcome Message on Lost Password: Customize the Welcome Message on the Lost Password Form.

Welcome Message on Login Page: Customize the Welcome Message on Login Form.

Welcome Message on Registration: Customize the Welcome Message on the Registration Form.

Logout Message: Customize the Logout Message.

Message Field Border: Customize the border of the Welcome Message like. (1px solid #00a0d2;)

Message Field Background Color: Customize the background color of Welcome Message Color by color picker control.

Reset Password Hint: Customize the Hint text that comes with the reset password page. (Premium)

Check our complete video about how to customize your login screen messages with the LoginPress plugin.