How to Add Google Social Login to your WordPress Site with LoginPress

LoginPress offers Social Login Add-on that helps to integrate Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter into your WordPress site. It boosts signups to your site by saving users time filling out the default login or registration form for authentication. This quick and simple method also reduces spam and bot registrations.

With this knowledgebase, we’ll show you how to add LoginPress Google Social Login on your WordPress site with LoginPress Social Login Add-on.

Add Google Social Login with LoginPress Social Login Add-on

Note: See our Complete guide Social Login to learn how to activate LoginPress Social Login Add-on. 

Follow these steps to integrate Google Login into your WordPress site. 

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Enable Google Login

First, you’ll need to enable Google Login in the Social Login’s Settings tab. 

Once you’ve enabled Google Login, other fields, including Client ID, Client Secret, and Redirect URI, will open up.

OAuth Client created

Client ID: OAuth Client created

Client Secret

Redirect URI

Enable Google Login

You must fill in these fields to integrate the LoginPress Google Login on the login and registration form.

Don’t worry! Simply follow the rest of the steps to get these keys. Buckle up!

Step 2: Register at Google API

You must register your website with Google APIs at Google Developer Console

When you are done, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Create Project

Note: You’ll need to Login via your Google account.

Next, you’ll be on the Google Cloud screen. 

Click on the “CREATE PROJECT” button in the upper right corner.

Create Google Project

You’ll move to a new screen. From here, fill in the Project Name and Location fields.

New Project

Note: If you have more than 1 project in Google APIs, please confirm your project from the top left dropdown project list.

Step 4: Open the OAuth Consent Screen

Click on the “OAuth consent screen” from the left side menu.

APIs and services

For User, Type chooses External and click Create button.

OAuth consent screen

The OAuth consent screen WILL OPEN UP.  Simply fill out the required informational fields, including Application Name, App domain links, and Authorized domains.

Save and Continue.

Note: For the Scopes and Test Users section, leave everything and click Save and Continue.

Edit app registration

Step 5: Go to Credential Page

 Go to the Credentials page from the left sidebar and select Create Credentials.

Create Credentials

 Next, select “OAuth client ID” from the dropdown.

Create Credentials

Select the Application type here. In our case, it's a Web application.

Create OAuth client ID

Fill out the required informational fields (Name of your Application & Authorized redirect URIs) and save the settings.

Note:  Here are the Authorized redirect URIs: http://loginpress.local/wp-login.php?lpsl_login_id=gplus_login

Create OAuth client ID screen

Step 6: Copy Client ID and Client Secret

After clicking the Create button, a popup screen with OAuth Client Created heading will appear.

It has Your Client ID and Your Client Secret keys. 

Copy Client ID and Client Secret

Step 6: Past in the Google Login Field and Save

Now to the LoginPress Social Login’s Settings tab and paste Your Client ID and Your Client Secret next to the Google Login fields.

Paste Client ID and Client Secret

Once you’ve pasted the Your Client ID and Your Client Secret, you’ll need Redirect URI.

You don’t need to go anywhere for the Redirect URI as it is under the Redirect URI field. Please copy and Paste it into the field.

Copy and Pate Redirect URI

Click the Save button when you’re done. 

Save Changes

Note: You can choose between enabling Google on the Login or Register form.

Enable Google Login on Login/Registration Form

Log out from WordPress and check the login page to see the Google Login effect.

Add Google Social Login

That’s it! Enjoy Google Login on the login form!

This is how you can easily add Google Social Login with LoginPress to your WordPress site.

Try the LoginPress Social Login Add-on, and let us know how much it helped you!

If you have any doubts or questions related to this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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Updated on December 9, 2022

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LoginPress is fully supported with multilingual. LoginPress is also compatible with WPML Plugin, which means you can easily translate your login page with WPML plugin according to the given translation options in the WPML plugin.

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Yes, LoginPress has full translation and localization support via the LoginPress textdomain. All .mo and .po translation files should go into the languages folder in the base of the plugin.

Is coding skills needed to use LoginPress?

No, It is very easy to setup. Just plug and play. Have fun!

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