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How to Install and Activate LoginPress?

Installing a plugin through WordPress is quite easy.

Upload the plugin file

  1. Go to Plugins ▸ Add New in the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Upload Plugin button.
  3. Click Browse and select the current version of from your computer that you downloaded from WordPress.Org.
  4. Click Install Now.

After the plugin gets installed successfully you can activate them by clicking Activate the button as appearing on your screen.

Manually activate the plugin

If you wish to activate the plugin manually.

  1. Go to Plugins ▸ Add New in the WordPress menu.
  2. Search LoginPress from a search bar.
  3. Bring your cursor over the plugin thumbnail and click the Install button.
  4. After installing click the Activate button.

After the activation, you would see the brand new layout of your login page. It’s a LoginPress default layout. In the beginning, it looks better than your WordPress default login page without doing anything but you can customize it further to make the layout similar to your site.