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Session Expiration

By default, WordPress gets your login session cookie to expire within 48 hours, or 14 days if you check the “Remember Me” box. You can change the Expiration Time with LoginPress.

1. Go to LoginPress > Settings from the Dashboard menu.

2. Under the Settings tab. You can find the Session Expire: field.

3. Set the Session Expiration Time in Minutes e.g: 10

4. Now click the Save Changes button.

5. After saving, you just need to set the Expiration Cookies. For this, please logout at least once.

6. After logout Expiration Cookies are set. Session expiration will work now.

You can Remove or Reset the Expiration time.

1. For removing the session expiration time just pass an Empty value in the expiration field and save it.

2. After removing or resetting the session expiration time, you need to clear the Expiration Cookies every time by logout at least once.